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Self DriveChauffer DrivenWedding

Minimum 3 days for self drive vehicles

VEHICLES4 Hours & 40kms8 Hours & 80kmsExcess HoursExcess Mileage


BMW 320 WHITE24,500.002,000.00195.00
MERCEDES BENZ C CLASS WHITE24,500.002,000.00195.00
Mercedes Benz B Class -white-20,000.002,000.00195.00
CHRYSLER 300 C – WHITE24,500.002,000.00195.00
JAGUAR ‘ S ‘ TYPE – SILVER24,500.002,000.00195.00
BMW 525i (PETROL) – ALPINE WHITE27,500.003,000.00295.00
MERCEDES BENZ E 250 – CALCITE WHITE B/NEW28,500.003,000.00295.00
JAGUAR ‘XF’ B/NEW45,000.003,000.00350.00
Chrysler Limousine70,000.00

VEHICLES4 Hours & 40kms8 Hours & 80kmsExcess HoursExcess Mileage


VOLKSWAGAN COMBI “FLOWER POWER” (1978 – BLUE, SILVER + FLOWERS)10,000.00-1,000.00150.00
MERCEDES 280 S-CLASS (1972 – BLACK )12,500.00-1,000.00150.00
AUSTIN 12/4 ASCOT SALOON (1936 – WHITE)12,500.00-1,000.00150.00
SKODA ROADSTER (1949 – WHITE) OPEN TOP14,500.00-1,000.00150.00
SKODA ROADSTER (1950 – RED) OPEN TOP14,500.00-1,000.00150.00
FORD 10 TOURER (1948 – MAROON) OPEN TOP14,500.00-1,000.00150.00
MORRIS 10 TOURER (1933 – WHITE) OPEN TOP19,500.00-1,000.00150.00
HILLMAN GRAND TOURER (WHITE- 1934) OPEN TOP24,500.00-2,000.00150.00
AUSTIN 12/4 CLIFTON TOURER (1929 – RED) – OPEN TOP24,500.00-2,000.00150.00
AUSTIN 12/4 CLIFTON TOURER (1929 – WHITE) – OPEN TOP24,500.00-2,000.00150.00

VEHICLES4 Hours & 40kms8 Hours & 80kmsExcess HoursExcess Mileage


TOYOTA CROWN ROYAL SALOON19,500.001000.00125.50
TOYOTA YARIS8,500.00750.0052.50
TOYOTA COROLLA NZE 1218,950.00750.0055.00
TOYOTA COROLLA NZE 141/AXIO9,950.001,000.0059.50
TOYOTA ALLION 24011,950.001,000.0069.50
TOYOTA ALLION 26014,500.001,000.0079.50
TOYOTA GRAND MARK II GX 11014,500.001,000.0089.50
TOYOTA CAMRY G / TOYOTA MARK X16,500.001,000.0099.50

GUEST TRANSPORTATION4 Hours & 40kms8 Hours & 80kmsExcess HoursExcess Mileage


TOYOTA COASTER 29 NEW-8,950.00100.0089.50


HIACE COMMUTER 9-14 SEATER DUAL A/C GR I5,950.00100.0059.50
MITSUBISHI L300 NEW 6 SEATER DUAL A/C4,950.00100.0049.50
TOYOTA HIACE LUXURY 9/15 SEATER – NEW MODEL-7,000.00100.0070.00
TOYOTA GRAND CABIN 15 SEATER – NEW MODEL-8,950.00100.0089.50

4 WD

TOYOTA LAND CRUISER PRADO TZ TRJ 120-15,500.00100.00150.00
TOYOTA LAND CRUISER SAHARA 200 V8-22,500.00100.00225.00
TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 100 V8 / CYGNUS/ TRJ 150-17,500.00100.00175.00


  • Charges are subject to changes due to increase of fuel price and Taxes.
  • Booking/ Payments: You can make a confirmed booking with an advance payment and make the full payment including the refundable deposit the day before the function. The refundable deposit is Rs. 5000 for hires in Colombo.
  • Govt. Tax: Included for Wedding Cars. Guest Transport Vehicles are subject to 12% VAT
  • Car carriers for hires out of Colombo (Vintage / Classic) Rs.60/- per km. for Minimum of 100 km.
  • Currency: All rates quoted are in Sri Lankan Rupees.
  • Service Guarantee: 24/7 Substitute Vehicle / Driver in case of requirement
  • Fuel: Provided
  • Driver Extras: Night out of Colombo – Rs. 300/- p. day, Detention after 8:00 hours – Rs. 75/- p. hour.
  • Driver Meals and Accommodation: Rs. 1,200 per day (Rs. 2000 for the North and the East) unless the hotel provides such facilities.For 26 Seater Coaster Bus, Crew Batta of Rs. 800 per day will apply. Night out and detention will not apply. Meals and accommodation for the Crew will be Rs. 2,000 (Rs. 3,500 for N.E.)
  • Mileage/Time Calculation: Our garage to garage Basis in Colombo 06. Mileage is calculated on a cumulative basis for the hire i.e. 700km for 7 days. The number of days of hire are calculated on a ‘calendar day’ basis and not on 24 hour cycles.
  • Optional Extras: Chauffeur Caps, Décor can be made available on request.
  • Insurance (Included): All vehicles comprehensively (Properly) insured to cover the Driver, All Passengers, the Vehicle and third party damage with ‘Car Rental Fleet’ cover.